Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lipstick stain

Dear beauty diary,

Fall in for fuschia hot pink color lipstick! Gonna be in my must-have-list!



Friday, March 29, 2013

Photographer for akad and reception

Dear wedding diary,

I've booked an official photographer. Which is wayyyyyy to early. Last year to be actual. Well, you will be never be too early when it come to wedding preparation. No?

Just love his pictures make it a very beautiful moment to be capture. Totally a yes for me. Cant wait.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wifey training

Dear diary,

Mengaku bahawa menjadi seorang tukang jahit dan chef bukan lah mudah. Lagi-lagi after i did this.

A disaster cake. A totally broke down of my self esteem as well.

Sehari sebelum tu ialah cubaan menjahit. Well i just give it try. Is not that hard actually..but, it is! Just after i broke down that sewing machine. Punah harapan sarung bantal baru.

Tak faham.

Why is this happening. Is it the married life is more challenging than a broken baking oven and sewing machine?
It is not, is it?

Because i am stress about this two machine right now. Totally!

Well..fine. There is must be a reason why tailor and chef  are here. To make our life easier. Bingo!

Yeah. Got it!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shoes essential

Dear diary,

I dream a pair of glittery silver shoes in color for wedding. Just like from childhood. But i didnt find it tough. Ermphhhh.. Yes, bila dicari tak ada, bila tak dicari mesti banyak.
(Tak termasuk bila dah jumpa. Terpaksa padam impian sebab too priceyyyy! Huwaaaa)

Oh maiiii.. Isn't she gorgeous? I cant help it. 
(Source: white label bridal shoes)

Next. Second option will always there.

Cute enough? Definitely an A! 

Kumpul duit setiap bulan, miss salwa! 
Pleaseee..( drooling)

Put it on the list!

D.i.y bunga telur

Dear wedding diary,

Bunga telur is in progress. A million thank you for ibu who made it so beautifully. :) it made by a hard crepe paper or whatever they call it. A beautiful flower by ibu and cute ribbon by me. Fair enough i think.. :p

White roses is so represent me. No?

Happy face here..:)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013


Dear diary,

I bumped a car. No, a car bumped me. Correction. carS! Three cars bumped me and i am crushed.
Alhamdulillah nothing much happen just a dislocation car bumper at the back. It just a 2 weeks before and i accidently accident. I pray for the safety and Allah blessing all over me and the peoples around me. Ameen.

In sha Allah. :')

My dear boolat T_T

D.i.y for goodies bag

Dear wedding diary,