Thursday, April 24, 2014

serius? i am a mommy soon?

dear diary,

unexpected news for me indeed but it is a rezeki from Allah s.w.t for us as a newly weds couple.



seriously? i mean... SERIOUSLY???

so soon?

omg i am so dead!

sorry saya terlupa awak, super diary!

dear super diary,

selepas beberapa bulan..berganti tahun..i get married and now i am having a baby in my tummy!
time is priceless that i forgot you!

now i am a wife and soon a mommy too!
thank you miss diary for being with me all the time and i love you! till then.
(wipes my mouth clean)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby obsession!

Dear diary,

Love to shop. Even i am not married yet. This to farrrrrr far away. No?

Baby girl clothes! 

Jb bazaar jalan segget

Dear diary,

Found a treasure! U can buy bulk at the cheap price. Even it is preloved. Use your shopping skills to find the treasure. Its a jb bazaar! It is a retail treatment. An excitement by just looking at those stuff even i didnt buy any. Bamm!

Happy faces! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Be Mine

Dear diary,

Forgive me if i am lack,
I will always trying to be perfect,
A perfect one for you.
Always be for you.

I promise to loyal,
Loyal towards my love to you,
Even the tears and laugh,
Our love will still remain.

I love you.

Legoland 20.4.2013

With my little brother, wafi.

And syairah.

Kuci kuci uncle. With sleepy uncle lego!

Having fun!


Dear wedding diary,

I found this! I am dancing happily to wear this wow wedding veil! I am a happy bride-to-be! Yes, i am exaggerate it much. 

Presenting... Something Borrowed by NisaAlwy!

I am gonna have this on my list. Absolutely! Yeayy!