Friday, November 30, 2012

Bed sheet. Checked!

Dear diary,

A piece of sheet can cost you hundred. Urghh. Tapi bukan sehelai kain biasa..hihi. Puas hati. Mula membeli barang persiapan kahwin even belum bertunang. Overrr tak. Tak kan. Ok. No guilty at all. Nope. Not even a piece of guilty. Lepas ni bukak buku debit kredit. Serius.

Happy face can't deny it. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Istanbul..aku datang..soon!

Dear diary..

Hari yang penuh. Pergi sekolah, makan, tengok wayang, survey bridal. Fuhh. Movie istanbul aku datang is so sweet. Cant get enough so i guess i must go there one day? Uhh you wish, salwa. Watching movies with kak ely. Sweet enough except when my seat being kicked everytime the people behind me get excited. Urghh!

And to my special one. A bunch of flowers represent one big wish for you.

Nite, diary.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Twilight fever

Dear diary,

I am in edward's team! Dia charming and gentle. Love bellaedwardrenesmee. Edward team girls hereeee..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sanding attire

Dear diaryy,

Today i went to bridal store with ibu to show her my songket attire. Bad luck.
Takde! The songket were at the laundry shop. fault. But i suddenly felt into this.

Isn't she beautiful? Silky, flowy skirt with ribbon and jewel that sparkles? Oh.. Im in love. But unlucky me because i cant share it with him because he were stress out due to overdose of work. Too
bad mens dont have a shopping therapy or angan2-nak-kahwin therapy isnt it? I am cool! (in a 
positive way).

Pelamin from Dedaun bridal and photography

Pilihan aku.hikhikhik. This one. 

External kinda thing

Hurm..i need facial and body treatment.