Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Dear wedding diary,

Long pause without update my wedding checklist because i am too busy with school work bla bla bla.. But now i have booked my make up artist! Pretty yayy. She is from batu pahat so i didnt have to pay more and provide a place for a night stay.huehuehue..

Sarimah othman!

She locked the date. Now i am quite relieved.

Her face painting..

Suke suke suke yg last. Soft look.. :)
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weight gain betul

Dear super diary,

I am no longer 'super'! Because...

Yes, i am putting some weight. Those happy face dont really represent me. Urghhhh.

Sounds so uncool.


Dear wedding diary,

Upgrade the number of people invited for the wedding. Adding the amount. Total the cash need, menakutkannnnn!!

Seriously you need to save some cash.

Seriously. more shopping more than rm100 every month. For cloth. Less than hundred is okay. I guess. :p
My new azam for january.

Good nite diary :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Dear wedding diary,

The wedd changed. Positive. May Allah bless our planning. In sha Allah.

333 days left. hee.. Those days like a thousand years!


Those babies

Dear diary,

My precious. My babies. Cant live without them.

Romeo @ romy

Romy again :p

Jojo in baby rompers.

Meow meow :3